SAM function SAM-Memory-address-register()

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[edit] Name

SAM_Memory_address_register - Register a memory address within a SAM context

[edit] Synopsis

#include <sam.h>
void SAM_Memory_address_register(SAM_t sam, void *addr);

[edit] Description

The SAM_Memory_address_register() function is used to make the SAM Structure object sam watch for reads and writes of the memory address addr.

It is the equivalent of calling SAM_Memory_region_register() with size = 1.

[edit] Return value


[edit] Errors

None, assumes correct input parameters.

[edit] Examples


[edit] See also

SAM_Memory_region_register(), SAM_Memory_region_unregister(), SAM_Memory_region_protect(), SAM_Memory_region_release(), SAM_Memory_region_is_protected(), <sam.h>.